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Dim Sum, the Chinese/Thai Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfast meals is Dim Sum. My family and I generally go 2 to 3 times a week to a very busy little restaurant on the Chao Fa East Road. The shop is located right at the traffic lights just at the east end of the world famous Soi Ta-ied in Chalong.

My suggestion is to grab one of the service staff as they are walking around and pick off 3 or 4 small plates of Dim Sum. Then order a ‘Kao Tom Gung Gup Gai’. This is a chicken and prawn rice soup. There are condiments on every table and normally pepper and soy sauce is added to taste for rice soup.
For the dim sum, try dipping the dim sum in the home made chili sauce which is easily recognizable on every table as it is in the bottle with no label.

For drinks I normally have an iced coffee, which is reasonably tasty and whats to be expected from a small Thai run business, don’t expect a Starbucks style coffee though.