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Muay Thai is really exploding in Thailand, with MMA gaining popularity a lot of these fighters come to Thailand to hone the deadly arts of kicks, knees and elbows which are the main attack weapons in Muay Thai. Points are awarded a bit differently to Western Boxing, sometimes when one contestant appears to win the other can be awarded victory.

The boxer who is most on target, with heavy and powerful hits using all of the choices of Muay Thai weapons will be awarded the most points

The boxer that causes more physical exhaustion to his/her opponents will score more.

The boxer who uses a better style and breaks the rules least will also be awarded favourably, and also the fighter that defends themselves the best will score better.

I regularly go to the Muay Thai fights. There is a bit of showmanship when there are some of the locals fighting each other from different camps. Some of these guys have had hundreds of fights and jump in the ring twice a month.

You will also see ‘Lady Fights’ which can be a mixture of Thais and foreigners. They also have an under 18 section which is boys that fight from around 10 years up. (This doesn’t always sit well with the foreigners but it is their national sport and they have been doing it for centuries)

But the best fights are generally the mens division. Either foreigner on Thai, or foreigner on foreigner. Its amazing the mix of nationalities you can see fighting at the stadiums around Phuket, from Morocco to Australia, Denmark to the USA. Foreigners usually make up at least half of the fights. The winnings can be big with up to 50,000 baht in prize money. The bigger the prize money, generally the more exciting it gets.

There are now 5 main stadiums in Phuket, now with 2 over at Patong side, and 3 over at Chalong / Rawaii. For me the Chalong Boxing Stadium near the police station is my favourite. The reason is that most of the big gyms are in the same neighbourhood, and they have the best fighters right nearby. Also the ticket price, beer and other beverages are at a bit more realistic price than in Patong. But if you don’t mind paying a bit more I would suggest going to Sai Namyen.

Please note: Our Chalong and Rawaii stadium booking system will be available soon. Suwit stadium in Chalong is available every Friday night and can be booked on this website.

If you want to book a night at the fights then we can organize that for you right here:

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