Phuket City Tour | Attractions & Everything You'll See On The Island

See Everything That Phuket City Has To Offer

Going on a guided tour of Phuket City is one of top things to do when you are visiting the island.

Not only is it great value for your money, but it gives you a really good perspective and sense of direction to continue navigating around during the rest of your holiday. If you happen to find something that really interests you during the day, you will be easily be able to find your way back.

I personally think it’s one of the best things you can do as a visitor if it’s your first time here.

You can choose to spend the morning sightseeing on a half-day tour, but if you’re staying for more than a few days on the island then spending the full day on a guided tour is much more beneficial. Both options can be done in a car or mini-van depending on the size of the group that you are travelling with.

Must Do Things While Sightseeing in Phuket

The island has so many activities, attractions and cultural experiences for visitors to keep busy. Covering everything in a single day is tough, but with this tour you’ll cover as much of the island as a local would, all while getting to visit some great sights along the way. Here’s just a few of them.

see kata beach from big buddha

The Big Buddha on Mount Karon

One of the most iconic landmarks on the island. The views on the way up to of Mount Karon are incredible and once you reach the top it’s breathe taking. You can see all the way down to Laem Promthep lookout and all the sub-districts of Karon, Kata and the full length of Chalong Bay which reaches up to Kao Rang Hill in Phuket Town.

On a clear day you’ll be able to get a great view of Phi Phi Island, another popular tour for visitors.

Local History of Big Buddha

Having started construction more than 15 years ago, Big Buddha has become a sacred symbol for native Thai’s. You’ll see lots of locals visiting on public holidays and most weekends. The structure is being built completely from donations and has been under construction for more than 15 years.

You’ll see a number of collection boxes scattered throughout the grounds and inside the temple. You can also buy a piece of marble to contribute to the building of Buddha. The marble tile can be signed with your name or any phrase you like. Generally these cost between 100-300 baht depending on the size chosen.

While there is no date set for the construction to be finished, there is always progress and the plans to build a larger car park as well as a moat and larger platform at the base of Big Buddha will be reached in due time.

About the Monks at Big Buddha

There are monks on site for blessing ceremonies, and many tourists and Thais come to get blessed with holy water ‘nam mon’. The monks will generally tie a blessed piece of colourful braid rope to the wrists of people being blessed. Each temple has their own unique colour braids. After you have been to the Big Buddha, don’t be surprised if the locals point to your wrists and can identify where you got the braid!

The mood at the temple is fairly casual. Most days you can watch tourists gleefully ringing the big bells that are around the base of the Big Buddha, while the local Thais might be praying or relaxing with their family with a picnic lunch and taking in all the amazing scenery.

ring the bell at big buddha in phuket

You should be a little mindful on what you wear to this famous Phuket attraction. There are basic rules to follow that are similar to attending any other temple in Thailand and anyone wearing clothing such as singlets or swimwear will be asked to wear a sarong which can be borrowed for the duration of your visit.


view from the hill at laem promthep

Laem Promthep

Located at the most southern point of the island, Laem Promthep is one of the most popular sightseeing locations and photography areas in all of Phuket. From the lookout points you will be able to see Nai Harn Beach as well as the small island of Koh Mon which is a short distance from Ya Nui Beach.

There’s a small lighthouse on the eastern side of the area. You can go inside and up to the second level to see the view of Rawaii and Chalong as well as all of the small islands off the coast of Phuket. This part of the city tour is great for getting your sense of direction around the southern areas of the island. Coming back here at sunset is definitely recommended if you are looking for some really great photo opportunities.

visit laem promthep as part of the tour

Besides the great views to be seen from Laem Promthep there is a small elephant template on the grounds that has hundreds of statues of all different sizes for you to see and touch.

The car park area always has small street vendors selling drinks and snacks for a reasonable price and there are souvenir shops along the street if you want to pick up something to remember visiting the cape.


Wat Chalong

One of the largest and most important templates in all of Phuket, Wat Chalong has hundreds of local Thai’s as well as tourists visit to pay their respects every day. There are several areas of the complex that can be explored and each building contains a lot of history about the local area as well as Thailand in general.

The largest building in Wat Chalong is the Pagoda. There are 4 levels of that can be accessed via stairs and you can see lots of gold Buddha’s and wall paintings on each level to learn more about the religions history and background.

One of the newest areas of Wat Chalong is call the “Chedi” which stands over 60 meters tall. Inside there you’ll be able to get face to face with one of the bone fragments of Lord Buddha. It’s this relic that makes the temple one of the most popular areas for locals to come and pray. The bone fragment was delivered from Sri Lanka in the late 1990’s and has become a famous addition to Phuket in recent years.

tour includes chalong temple

You should be a little mindful on what you wear to this famous Phuket attraction. There are basic rules to follow that are similar to attending any other temple in Thailand and anyone wearing clothing such as singlets or swimwear will be asked to wear a sarong which can be borrowed for the duration of your visit.


Wat Chalong was built in honour of two venerable monks who led the fighting against the Chinese rebellion in the late 1800’s. Luang Pho Charm and Luang Pho Chaung were skilled warriors and were very knowledgeable in treating people using herbal medicines as well.

inside wat chalong phuket

What else is in the temple

Besides the relics and areas where locals and tourists come to pay their respects, you can find a crematorium on the grounds of Wat Chalong. There’s also a large hall where you can hear monks chanting during the early mornings and late evenings. You can also explore some of the smaller buildings and see various forms of Buddha and other famous monks from Thailand’s history.

You’ll always hear the sounds of firecrackers when visiting Wat Chalong. There is a large brick vase shaped structure that is used for helping to ward off evil spirits as well as to give thanks for a pray that was answered. Locals also use the fireworks as a sign for things like their lotto numbers being chosen in the bi-monthly draws.

firecrackers at chalong temple

What to wear at Wat Chalong

Being a template, there are similar rules and signs of respect that you should be aware of when visiting Wat Chalong. Just like seeing inside Big Buddha, you’ll need to wear suitable clothing on the day and be prepared to remove your shoes when entering each of the buildings. There are sarongs and other items that can be borrowed from the monks and temple attendees.

Kao Rang Hill in Phuket Town

Located towards the north area of Phuket Town, you will get to see some fantastic views from Kao Rang Hill as well as being able to know your way around the city enough to do some exploring on your own if you have the time. On a clear day you can see all the way down to the southern areas of the island. Sometimes as far as Rawaii. Areas like Chalong are clearly visible on most days as is the entire layout of Phuket City.

Say hello to all the monkeys

One of the most exciting things about visiting this lookout for tourists is being greeted by all of the monkeys sitting in the trees as well as on cars and motorbikes. You can take some photos of them, but remember to keep a firm grip of your camera, purse and any food that you are carrying.

Believe me, these little guys might look cute, but they can get aggressive when they want to take something from you or other monkey. They are also quite smart too and have been known to wait for food until returning items like mobile phones to their owners.

monkeys at rang hill
see all of old town from kao rang hill

Sightseeing and eating

Over the last few years there has been a lot of development done to the lookout areas where you can get some great photos of Phuket City. It’s a lot safer than previous years now and offers some really great vantage points for some nice photography to be done. You can also take some rest in the small park and play on the big tree swings under plenty of shade.

There are a few small grocery shops that serve snacks and drinks at a reasonable price. If you enjoy the view and the location there are several restaurants on the hill that are great for a relaxing meal.

I have only been to Phuket View Restaurant and found the food to be quite nice as well as not overly expensive. If you have time come back here, I’d suggest dropping by there for some great tasting Thai food.

Pinky’s Gallery Café – Phuket Town

If you decided on the full day tour of Phuket City the last place we stop by is called Pinky’s Gallery Café which has been around for several years and is well known for its quality western dishes and great tasting coffee. We’ll normally drop by here to have a quick refreshment before travelling back to your hotel.

Pinky’s Gallery Café offers a great mixture of food and drinks for both local Thai’s and expats. If you enjoy your beer, there is always a fully stocked bar of local and imported beverages for you to try.

As the name suggests, there is also some pieces of local art to view in the Café as well. There is everything from paintings to some sculptures on display.


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