Dragon Muay Thai Gym - Walkabout Tours Phuket

Of all the Muay Thai gyms in Phuket, Dragon Muay Thai is my favourite.

Dragon is Thai owned and Thai run, so you get a pretty authentic training session.

The gym consists of 2 rings. The one in the front is generally for beginners to intermediate, and the one out the back is generally for people prepping for a fight.

The students are about 30% Thai and 70% foreigner. The Thais range from kids and teenagers, right up to adults, and even a few ladies in the mix.

The staff are absolutely great, its the same gang that have been here for the last 5 or 6 years. They are always up for a laugh and a joke, but they will push you to train hard. Plus they are seasoned veterans in the ring, with some of the trainers chalking up over 300 fights. I also find that as its not the busiest gym in Phuket, you get more of a personal training session. At the most there will be 3 students per instructor.

There is a shop out the front where the office is and you can buy all the equipment you need, such as hand wraps and gloves etc. The minimum you will need to train is your own hand wraps, you can borrow the rest. But I find if you buy your own your inclined to use it more.

The prices for training havent risen in about 6 years. 300 baht per individual session, and it just gets cheaper if you book bulk packages

Dragon offers rooms and motorbike rentals at a very good rate.

The latest addition to the gym is a little cafe/restaurant. The prices are impossibly low and the food is really awesome.

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