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Chalong Bay Bar

Chalong Bay Bar is located right on Chalong Bay. Its right between Dicky’s Lighthouse and the Bullship Bar. I would say this place is about 90% expats with just a few tourists, and even some Thai locals.

The food consists of mainly Thai and a bit of western food. The Thai food is quite good, with a bit of a leaning towards more Southern Thai foods such as the curries. The owner and cooks are all locals so you will get a bit more of an authentic crack at the local Thai food. All though they might tone it down a bit seeing you are a westerner. Ask for the food to be ‘Ped’ for hot or ‘Ped mahk’ for really hot. Or for the insanely brave ‘Ped tee sut’ which translates as; the hottest there is.

The signature dishes for me is Penang Chicken, Green Curry Chicken and the Thai Fish Cakes

The beer is always icy cold and cheap. Its between 60 and 70 baht for beers. With draft beer being a bit cheaper, they also have happy hours throughout the day. It’s a really nice people watching spot too. Early in the mornings there are thousands of tourists climbing on various types of speedboats in the beach area. Other tourists are wandering up to Chalong Pier to be transported to the larger fishing and diving vessels. Right through to late evenings you can see the smiling tourist coming back from their outings.

They regularly have parties here on the weekends with live music and drinks specials.

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