Fuk Boong Fai Dang - Walkabout Tours Phuket

Another restaurant review from Phuket’s harshest critic lol

OK so I was going to head down to Escape Bar or Tamarind tonight for a feed but it was chockas in Chalong and no place for the family tonight. Heading back towards Phuket Town I saw a restaurant that caught my eye.
The sign is completely in Thai with a picture of an italian looking waiter underneath. Its called ‘Fuk Boong Fai Dang’ Which my wife assures me it means Morning Glory at the Traffic Lights or something similar. Its an unfortunate name in more ways than one.
But we stopped in and ordered a Tom Yam Goong, A Garlic Fried Squid, Some weird snail dish, crispy pork in morning glory and some vegetable dishes. Ill give it an 8 out of 10. Very speedy service, nice cold beer and the food was to die for. They lost a point for spicyness…I dont mind a bit of spice, but we asked for medium and got some hair raisingly hot dishes. All for the princley sum of 700 baht (with beer)
Its location is right opposite Arrow Media which is at the intersection that turns off to Chok Tip Villa. Just further down from Wat Tai.

Bon appetite!