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Another one of my favorite places is MK. Basically its a do it yourself Suki. Suki may sound Japanese but its actually a variation of a Chinese hotpot dish. But the brand is unique to Thailand.

The menu consists of, vegetables, noodles dimsum and fresh fish. The basic idea of Suki is to get the soup nice and hot. Then add all the fresh ingredients to taste. Its probably a good idea to take a Thai friend with you to show you how its done the first time 🙂

There is fresh roast duck and pork for sale also which are served with a plate of (natural coloured) green noodles, and also an A La Carte menu.

MK Restaurants are located in most major shopping centers such as Tesco Lotus. They make a nice relief from a hot day as they are always spotlessly clean and air conditioned.

Any taxi driver will know where all the MK restaurants are as it is extremely famous and popular.

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