Nikita's at Rawaii Beach - Walkabout Tours Phuket

Another one of my favourite hangouts in the afternoon is down at Rawaii Beach. And one of the best venues down at Rawaii is Nikita’s. Nikita’s has the best seats in Rawaii, you literally have your feet in the sand when you sit down. (Ok so a little might have been brought from the beach). There is a rock wall at foot level which keeps the patrons from sliding into the sea. During high tides the water can lap a few centimetres from the top, and during low tide the water can go down a couple of metres and expose all the sandy and rocky bottom that makes up Rawaii Beach. During low tide the locals can be seen foraging for crabs and other sea shells along the beach. During high tide, longtail boats bring in their catch and the speedboats bring back the tourists after a days outing.

Nikita’s was generally an expats hangout, but recently it is really starting to get really popular with the tourists. The Thai food at Nikita’s is a little on the expensive side at between 100-150 baht a dish. But the quality is really really good. My wife and in-laws are very particular about what they eat, but they really enjoy the food at Nikita’s. The 3 dishes they always go for are: ‘Yam Woonsen Plamuek’ – Glass Noodles with Squid ‘Pla Nueng Manao’ – Steamed Sea Bass (I think this is the signature dish at Nakitas) ‘Som Tum; – Spicy Papaya Salad

I don’t really think much of the western food there. I have tried it many times, but they just don’t ever seem to get it right. The beer is always really cold at Nikitas. Not bad value at between 90-110thb a pop   You could incorporate a pit stop to Nikita’s, with a ‘Phuket City Tour’ on your way through to Laem Promthep and Nai Harn Beach. Click here to book a ‘Phuket City Tour’ or click here to return to our blog