Outdoor Dining at Kaset Markets - Walkabout Tours Phuket

Talad Kaset – ¬†Or otherwise known as Kaset Markets is located at the back of the Robinson Shopping Mall in Phuket Town. There is a great strip of outdoor restaurants at the back that serve up the freshest Thai food with the products being sourced directly from the fresh markets. I have tried many of the outdoor restaurants there, but one stands out more than most and its simply named ‘Seafood’. The price of each dish averages around 100 Baht. Beers start at 50 Baht and a soft drink is around 20-30 Baht


Here is what we ordered…..

Kana Moo Grop

This is one of my favourite Thai dishes, its a deep fried crispy pork belly with Chinese style broccoli, garlic and oyster sauce. Its a dish that is not really served up spicy, but the broccolli compliments the fatty pork very nicely.

Kleua Lae Prik Thai Plamuek (Now that’s a tongue twister)

Salt and Pepper Squid is always a crowd pleaser. This dish is basically a variation of how westerners do deep fried calamari with that nice Thai variation

Pad Pet Moo Kup Tua Fuk Yao

This dish translates as ‘Fried and Hot Pork with Beans’. Keep the cucumbers handy as this bad boy will scald your tongue. Its hot and spicy and will put a sweat on your brow

Pad Hoi Lai

This is a dish of stir fried clam with sweet chilli sauce. Its another Thai dish that explodes in your mouth and you will be begging for more

Tom Yum Gung

The ultimate hot and sour soup. Tom Yum Gung is a hot clear soup served with steaming hot with prawns (or shrimp) with bamboo shoots.

If you want some of the most authentic Thai dishes you have ever tasted then head up to the Kaset Markets in Phuket Town. You will be spoilt for choice