Pongpan Seafood - Walkabout Tours Phuket

I have spent 3 days of the last week going to the most amazing restaurant and I feel I have to share
The name of the restaurant is Pongpang and its on Soi Pla Lai near the zoo. Now the reason I chose this restaurant is the usual restaurant I like to eat at in Pla Lai area had no seafood on this particular night (No seafood at a seafood restaurant WTF?) and so me and a group of friends walked a bit further up.

Normally I wouldn’t really opt for this type of restaurant but I am glad I tried it. It caters a lot for the tour busses that come down from the latex factories and the zoo. So its quite big, and after lunch it is a little bit dead. Between 12-3 its quite busy. The décor isn’t anything to write home about it just looks like a big shed. But the food (and view) is absolutely sensational

Prik Thai Dum Crab is one of the things we ordered 3 times in a row. It’s a black pepper and garlic blue swimmer crab which is just awesomeness. I think its like 300 baht a kilo. The Tom Yum Goong is like something I have never tried, amazing at 200baht it’s a bargain. The Steamed Seabass is excellent too at only 400 baht. The lobster is very tasty too but be warned its on the expensive side. It’s a typical Thai restaurant style with one waitress assigned to pick up flying bits of crab shell from the feeding frenzy and also top up your beers. The waitress gave us a discount card for 10% after the 2nd visit which I thought was a nice gesture.

The view is great and you can go for a stroll along the boardwalk after a feed. As I said I would normally not opt for this style of restaurant as from the outside it looks like it caters for the tourists, but these tourists don’t understand what a real treat this place is. Today I saw people begrudgingly sipping on shakes and ice waters like they were being handled into a rip off situation (Yes there are commissions paid and a drivers area for waiting but who cares??). I thought you poor fools for not trying this amazing food. I did notice a lot of Chinese and my wife pointed out a few Thai tour groups as well. Along with a sprinkling of Russians and Australians.

I eat out pretty much every day and have tried hundreds and hundreds of restaurants in Phuket. This one deserves a rave. Its fantastic, check it out.