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PADI – Open Water Diver Course

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You’ve always been curious about diving…Who hasn’t?

Take the plunge today, and get certified with your PADI Open Water Diver Couse. There is a small amount of self study, but this course is great fun. You will come out of it certified, be able to plan dives with a buddy, hire tanks and equipment and go diving whenever you feel like it. Most of all you will feel as though you have accomplished something.

Your ticket to a lifetime of adventure and fun, this certification is the prerequisite for all further PADI training. If you value learning, challenging yourself, and learning to master new skills, this course is for you. When you finish this 3-4 day course you’ll gain the confidence and skills to plan and execute your own dives with any other certified dive buddy, and you’ll have an entry level diver certification card in your wallet or purse, that’s recognized all over the planet. Congratulations! You’re a certified open water diver.

The course is generally about 3 and a half days. It starts with watching the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Video. Then you will fill out the knowledge review, question and answer sheet in your workbook. We go over that together in the classroom and the instructor will help you understand any points you have missed. There is a certain element of self study here, but this component generally takes around 6 hours.

The next day move on to the skills circuit in the pool, here the instructor will run you through the various skills that you need to master before your next phase. Don’t worry, with a little bit of practice its easy! This normally takes up the most part of the day.

The following day we will go on a dive boat to Racha Yai, this is where we do 2 confined water dives. Its a nice easy dive site with good visibility, little or no current and its great for training purposes. Again we run through some easy skills but we also have time to look around and explore. You should be back at Chalong Pier by 3pm, and back in your hotel by 4pm

On the last day we go on the dive boat out to Phi Phi, we will do 2 training dives at Phi Phi, this is where we hone your diving abilities and finish off the last skills of your training, we can certify you and issue you with a temporary card. Congratulations! You Passed!

On the way home we stop about halfway back to Phuket for a 3rd dive, this is a fun dive. So no training, this is just all fun. The dive site is either Shark Point or Koh Dok Mai. Which are 2 of Phuket’s most famous dive sites. We will be back at the pier around 5-5:30pm.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: We meet up and have a quick chat about your schedule and do a bit of planning like get you fitted out for gear, You watch the PADI Open Water Diver Video at your hotel and fill out the knowledge reviews.

Day 2: We meet at the pool. Firstly we have a look at your  knowledge review booklet and go over any questions you may not quite understand. After this we jump in the pool kitted up and go through the basic skills circuit, this enables you to get to know your gear better, see how it feels to breathe underwater, and learn some basic hand signals and underwater skills. This should take the most part of the day.

Day 3 and 4: We go out on the dive boat to finish off your training in real scenarios. On the first day you should be back at Chalong Pier at around 3pm. On the second day its more of the same, plus we throw in one extra fun dive and you will be back at the pier closer to 5pm.

Note: All though staff will do their best to keep to the itinerary, weather and sea conditions may change the tour schedule.

Package Includes: PADI Instructor, insurance, lunch, light snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments, all associated diving equipment, PADI materials and national park fees. Guests should bring, swimming suit, towel, sunscreen, extra dry clothes, and a camera.




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