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Riding a bike in Phuket is great fun, but its not without risks.

The roads in Phuket can be a little dangerous and they are not particularly well maintained. The local police rarely enforce road rules and this can lead to some quite unorthodox driving habits.

The main thing to remember when riding a bike in Phuket, is to stick to the left hand lanes the same way you would if you were riding a bicycle in your home country. The other thing is to always wear a helmet. You will see locals darting in and out of traffic with several family members and pets on board. Now this may look fun, but being stuck in hospital on holidays with a head injury is no fun at all.

If you do have an accident then your travel insurance should cover the hospital bills. But you will have to pay for the repairs yourself. Bear in mind that scooters are quite cheap in Thailand. To replace a whole scooter might cost 40-50000 Baht. Parts are quite cheap also with a broken mirror costing about 300Baht. Police in Thailand are used to dealing with accidents, so there is no need to be frightened about the consequences. It normally involves a little bit of cash compensation to be paid by the person at fault.

You will need a licence from your home country when you are stopped by police. This is valid for 3 months from your date of arrival into the Kingdom. Fines for not wearing a helmet or having a licence aren’t too bad. They normally are around 500-1000 Baht.

*As of 15/01/2016 new laws are being proposed that you need an international driving licence from your home country, more to follow

Safe driving in Phuket.

If you wish to hire a scooter when you are in Phuket you can book one here