The Hardcore Thai curry - Walkabout Tours Phuket

Almost all of us on the planet love the exotic flavours and tastes of really nice spicy Thai food. Resorts tend to tone down their food a bit, and even when ordering a la carte food the Thais will try to not kill you with spices.¬†For those with serious hardcore taste buds, a strong stomach, and a bit of a death wish there is ‘Kao Geng’. Kao Geng is pre cooked currys (no option of toning it down) generally served up at breakfast and is eaten with sticky or normal rice. These stands are amazingly cheap. for 50 baht you will walk (or crawl) out with a full stomach.


In my opinion the best one on the island can be found on the Chao Faa West Road. If you are looking out from the front of Wat Chalong you head left down towards Chalong Circle its about 200m on the right hand side. The name of it is Jee-Ao. The writing is in Thai so you might have to ask some of the locals to point it out.

The pots vary greatly in variety, there are all the red, white and green curries, chicken, pork, beef and fish. There is also fermented products, fried, boiled and steamed. What ever way you can cook or prepare something is available at Kao Geng stands

Basically when eating Kao Geng its trial and error. You open the pots and look inside, if it looks edible then go for it. Point to 2 or 3 pots you like and they will serve it up to with a plate of rice.

Bear in mind, if the Thai staff dont want to serve it to you, then its probably very noxious, even by their standards.

Good Luck, your gonna need it!